Engineering Projects:

              1. 2014-11-03Panyu club project
              2. 2014-11-03Panyu clubs fume purification project

              Contact us

              GuangZhou Wan Chu
                     Guangzhou Wanchu Hotel Supplies Co.,ltd.We are specializing in design,manufacture,installation of the complete sets of the kitchen equipment.We are professional manufacturer of the kitchen equipment,food machinery,refrigeration machinery equipment,catering equipment and so on.Our objectives are “high efficiency,environmental protection and green.”Requirement of the marketing are the guide of our development.Technology are our our motivation.We will try our best to produce the excellent kitchen equipment and the good service to our customer.
                    Guangzhou Wanchu will always adhere to our concept “The best service will be offered to our customer.”We will build the brand of excellent commercial kitchenware equipment by our concept of integrity.


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              2. 2014-11-17 Concentrated firepower attack on thr..
              3. 2014-11-15 Ambry enterprise must grasp the mark..
              4. 2014-11-15 Personality kitchen hand made, WANCH..
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